My First Step

Thought it was time to blog about my adventure in Art. I am not the greatest artist, but I am a determined one. I picked up a paintbrush in October 2013 as I turned 65 yrs old and haven’t put that brush down yet.

I have not taken art classes, but I can’t say I am “Self Taught” either because if it weren’t for YouTube I would still be drawing and painting stick figures.

I discovered to never take people in the know at their statements. Case in point is when I was in 8th grade, Jr. High School or what is now known as Middle School, we were required to take an art class. I did and was told by this teacher that I should never consider art as a profession nor a hobby. Being at that impressionable age I figured this educated woman knew what she was talking about and never again drew or painted anything other than the walls of my house.

I became a crafter for a few years and enjoyed it, but that went by the wayside as most things do when you are just doing things for your own enjoyment and the crafts pile up. I have always loved Art, but again I just turned away from it.

Today I feel confident enough to put my Art out there. Good or bad, I am loving this adventure and if I can inspire one person to follow their hearts than I will be happy. Never let someone direct your passion for discovery. If you feel you enjoy what you do or what you would like to do then move forward with it.

I have to credit my granddaughter for the push it took to get into the painting. She gave me some paints, paintbrushes and a canvas and told me to paint if that is what I wanted to do..I did and I am so glad that I just jumped in and painted.

This blog is dedicated to my adventure and adventures never really have an end. So Welcome and I hope you enjoy.


7 thoughts on “My First Step”

      1. Thank you my dear friend. I just keep moving on to new painting adventures. They just astound me all the avenues it is taking me down.
        This is something I don’t see me giving up now that I found it…Love you bunches..

  1. I followed you along on FB and was amazed at how quickly your skills and talent began to shine through your work. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

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