Jumping Ahead to Now

From where I started to where I am right now in my painting is compared to a drive from one coast to the other.

I have been ask where all my painting ability came from and the answer is that it has been laying in wait for the right time to come out. That is the only thing I can figure.

There are many reason one does not paint and the biggest is Fear and Failure. Art is something very personal because you bring out either your greatest joys or your greatest fears and you expose them to the world. Sharing you greatest joys is pretty easy, but exposing your greatest fears is something I was finding hard to do…I am not one that likes to fail and I have failed more than once with my painting. You learn to accept that everything is not going to be a Master Piece or many never become a Master Piece. It is a process of putting what you like on a canvas and enjoy it with the hopes there are others that will enjoy it also.

You will never know how you feel about painting until you pick up that paintbrush, dip it in some paint and put that paintbrush to a canvas.

My newest painting, as of last night, is called “Orange River Running” this is an Oil on a 16 x 20 Stretched Canvas. It was painted from a photo and I wished I could give credit to the photographer for his/her beautiful shot. I am still looking.



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