When a “Master Piece” becomes Mud


Not all painting turn out how you would like or envision them to be. Such is the case with my latest painting for the She Kat. 

You work with the paint and drawing, but nothing seems to look right. The nose is wrong, wipe it off, try again, wipe it off, try again and wipe it off for the last time. Is it the eyes? To big, to gold, to something..wipe them off and reshape them, wipe them off and leave them off.

Refer to the drawing and redraw..nothing. Turp and a rag then wipe the canvas of everything. Is this a defeat, no, just a time out and time to rethink what I am trying to accomplish.

This is not a time to give up, but a time to move on to the next project/adventure. The canvas will be there waiting for me to get what I am looking for. There is an old saying “You have to get back in the saddle” or something like that. I am moving on to something else and let this rest.

As a fairly new artist I get frustrated when things don’t work out the way I have planned, but I have to step back an realize NEW at this is a time to learn. I refuse to give up just because it didn’t work out. I look at the stacks of painting in my studio/room that have worked out compared to the few canvases that are waiting to be painted over with gesso and find new life. My advice to a new artist, just paint good, bad or indifferent because the more practice you get the stack of good will out weigh the “Mud.”

Paint on you all!!!!


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