San Fransico Bay at night


Picture provided and used with permission from: Terina Matthews Photography

I am going to go through the process of painting a 30 x 40 on stretched canvas done in Acrylics.

Started: 2/13/2014


Prepared canvas with white gesso and lightly sanded and wiped down to remove dust.

Color for Midnight sky and water is 90% Ultramarine Blue and 10% Black.

Used a very wide brush 2-2 1/2″,

Dampen canvas before painting.

Before starting the water I blended Titanium White thin to create the area for the cityscape


After drying all night I added a wash of watered down Titanium White on the water left side…then a thick line of the same color just below the cityscape.

More to come

2/15/2014 Painting continues




Drew bridge with some regular chalkboard chalk.  Used Payne’s Grey and white to draw steel on bridge and a bit of raw umber and white for the roadway across the bridge.

Orange and yellow lights are Cad Yellow and Vermillion.

More to come tomorrow.



Began adding some of the buildings. This is going to be more on the abstract side which I really like.

More tomorrow.



Made a few adjustments and liking it better. Finishing the building and lights in the next day or so…

Found that Napals Yellow works better for lights. Note to self…always ask questions of those that know more than you.

More to come soon




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