Sunday at the San Tan Art Fair, San Tan, Arizona

Victor McGhee

Where do I begin with this very unusual Artistic Expression. The name of the art form is “Encaustc” which dates back some 2000 years.
I watched a demo by Victor McGhee at the San Tan Art Fair in San Tan, Arizona. The first thing he told me when I was “Ohhhhing and awwwwing” his art was to touch it. I touched the outside frame and he said “no, touch the picture.” I was expecting to feel canvas, but what I felt was more like glass.

Victor then took us over to his set up which was a pancake griddle with two small pots on it…and a blow torch….
The following pictures are the process of creating a painting.

His canvas are wooden canvas boxes that he uses pastel oil sticks on. Rubbing to blend then puts a coat of beeswax over then lights us the blowtorch and literally melts the oil and beeswax together…lets it cool and starts again….the process is not a quick one, but what he makes is amazing.


Here is a link to some History on Encaustc

My next stop was at “Hearts Afire” Nancy Nowak Utech, Artist. Her Art Page

She’s totally my kind of artist. Very unconventional is how she arrives at her beautiful art pieces. So unconventional that when she said she was going to teach a class on her “acrylics and STUFF” my ears perked and said I sign me up…Below are some of her pieces.


Next in line is a very sweet woman, Sandra Neumann Wilderman , that does some of the best pieces of Watercolor Art. She loves to share her knowledge. She and I had a lengthy conversation and let me know that she will be teaching some classes close to me come summer…guess what? I am going to go and take some of those classes…

Below are some pictures of her beautiful works of art…



Mary K. OPat

Another amazing artist and woman. I truly enjoyed chatting with her and she was so very willing to answer my questions about Oil Painting…I will be reading her blog and hope to be in touch with her as I move forward with my art.
Below is a few of her art pieces.


All in all today was a wonderful learning day at the Olive Mill in San Tan, Arizona. I hope to meet up with these artists again and again…


4 thoughts on “Sunday at the San Tan Art Fair, San Tan, Arizona”

  1. What a fabulous day for you! I think now that you have experienced and experimented with so many different mediums, you are most definitely ready to decide which classes you want to take and what you want to learn! I’m excited for you! 🙂

    1. The gal that does the Watercolor is also an instructor with Acrylics and is the mentor for Nancy who does the beautiful abstracts with acrylics and stuff…literally stuff.

      So those are the 2 I am taking some classes with when they start…I am thrilled.

  2. Shari, glad you got so much out of it….ideas, connections, lessons, and fun and I’m so glad you wrote about it! My favorite were the encaustics. It was so interesting to see how it was done and what a neat result! It was a great day!

    1. I really did like the Encaustic because I had never heard of it before and when he was willing to demo it I was totally amazed at the process and the outcome.

      Everyone was just great people. The show was not huge, but that is what made it fun. I had time to talk to people.
      There were many different vendors there, jewelry, wood crafting (turned on a lath), leather purses…out of my budget…metal art….fun stuff….rock polishing…beautiful…and wine tasting…

      This is their last show for the season it is much like the one in Goldfield/Apache Junction. You have to belong to the group within your city…

      Fun all around…

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