A Moth’s Moment – Painting in Process

Yesterday I started a process painting using Acrylic Ink. In the photo below I wet, almost soaked an 11 x 15 Watercolor paper then added pure ink with a dropper. On top of that I added plastic wrap, moving it around and causing different patterns in the ink, which was a suggestion from a member of WetCanvas, thanks Maureen, and let it dry for an hour or so.


After it was dry, I went back in and wet areas again with water then added a little more ink to strengthen some colors. Let this dry and then drew the Moth with pure black ink.


This morning I began by wetting the areas that I wanted black on the moth and added some white to the wings. I will go back in later today and add more color to the moth and begin again on the background.


Keep watching because this process is not finished.

This morning I finished up the “Moths Moment”


See this at my Etsy Store FOR SALE.


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