Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

Daily Prompt

I don’t usually do this, but the title caught my interest on the Daily Prompt: Young At Heart.

I think I qualify for making my observation since I just started collecting my Social Security and Medicare a few months ago.

Many of my younger counterparts view me as old or getting old and my body could easily agree with that on a daily basis. The only thing that keeps me from believing this is my mind and heart feels more alive at this age than when I was a young woman.

I can’t run as fast, if at all, anymore nor can I stay awake and party until the wee hours of the morning. What I can do is follow my dreams that have been held a bay for the last few decades.

I so wanted a college education and at 60 yrs old I did just that. I entered college alongside 18 year old children, the same age as most of my 9 grand kids, and went to studying harder than I had ever studied in my life. I received many awards before my 3 years were finished. I enjoyed feeling young and in the know and could keep up with these kids. What was old information to me was new to the other students and we talked about the “Old” days. They debated many subjects with me and were amazed I could remember that far back, remember I am as old as most of their grandparents. I was also older than most of my professors and they enjoyed hearing a different take on things.

Being young at heart doesn’t mean you have to give up your age, it just gives you the permission to enjoy your age, not that many of us that are 60+ need that permission. I wake up every day looking for the good in the world and feel so blessed that I can “rise and shine” every day. I enjoy being unpredictable at any moment and that I can sing out of tune as I feel the urge to do so. I don’t cringe when I see kids all tattooed up and holes in their ears and bead in their nose because I was a flower child of sorts and if you can’t express yourself than what is the use?

Being young at heart keeps me young in spirit, I can enjoy life and turn my back on those that feel I am not acting my age…so be it..

A few months ago I decided I wanted to be an artist and I did just that. Good, bad or indifferent I paint and draw. I am loving every minute of expression..

Young at heart is a choice….make it yours no matter what your age is.


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