I have been like a kid

What a statement to start this post with, but it is true. I have been like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I have been checking my snail mail waiting for my box that would contain a new tool for painting…It came today…


This is my new airbrush that I have no idea how to use well I do know how to connect it to the compressor and put the paint in and did make some dots and lines with it today….

It is like anything else that I have purchased for moving my art along, I will learn it one way or another. Right or wrong it will get used, but this going to take much more practice before I can call what I use it on Art.

The surge of excitement when something new crosses my easel is something I just can’t explain other than a roller coaster ride would be the first thing that pops into my head. “Fear and anticipation” all rolled into one.

This is the beauty of getting older, I can be me (whoever that is) and just play, learn, create and not care who likes or dislikes what I do. Age is like fine wine, it just keeps getting better…

Soon I will unveil a new painting using this sweet little machine…I hope.

Thanks for listening and will be back soon with a new painting…with a brush for a while yet.




2 thoughts on “I have been like a kid”

    1. Diane, I can’t wait to get the swing of it so I can lay some paint down with it….
      My husband said the same as you did…asked me if I am going to preform surgery….I can do temporary tattoos with it ….didn’t know that…

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