Something New: Natures Abstract


The more I paint the more I am finding that Nature is full of wonderful surprises for me.

The above picture was taken at “Upper Antelope Canyon” in Page, Arizona, USA. It is located on Navajo Tribal Land.

The history alone about how this place came to be is a good read and I felt, as a transplanted Arizonian, I would like to give is a try

as a painting. The colors are what attracted me first and then how abstract Mother Nature chose to bring it into


I am not a painter that paints for true realism, but for the mood of a picture.

All paintings are a process as I have stated before and my process started a couple of nights ago…then restarted yesterday when

things were going sour…I will conquer this and make it something that I love.

#1 Airbrushed blocked


#2 Structure painted in


More to come as today progresses…

Finished 3272014 Antelope Canyon Upper


Used a pallet knife and the airbrush…Love the effects of both.

Happy and satisfied with the finish product.

Until next time…enjoy your day.


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