Playing with Watercolor

Yesterday I did some sketching on the one thing I hadn’t been able to do and that was to sketch a Rose. I sat in my studio and just drew until I was happy with what I had. Sometimes it just takes time for your brain and hand to come together and I think 50 some years has finally afforded me the opportunity to get it right. I also think that the lack of distractions, kids, grand kids, etc., help me to concentrate better.


This medium is very hard to control and will take me some time to get it right, but for a first time at this water coloring I am pleased. Now it will just take practice and many questions to get it totally right.

Painting and drawing are my challenges daily. It helps me use parts of my brain that never got used and helps me to keep thinking ahead.



2 thoughts on “Playing with Watercolor”

  1. That is so beautiful that it’s almost enough to make me want to try…. but of course I really do know my limitations..I guess the different shading brings out the petal shapes …does it? Diane

    1. Yes it does Diane and the fact that I had to, for now, draw in as many petals as I could see. This was taken from a photograph and sometimes things blur up and are really hard to define.
      Watercolor is beautiful and pretty loose, but is something very difficult to master…it can take years to understand how the paint and water move around the paper and how to control that movement…for now I am just playing and learning.
      Thank you so much my new friend.

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