Another Watercolor: Bunch of Primroses…

Watercolor flowers


Continuing my adventure in watercolor. I can truly understand how come they say this is one of the most difficult art forms.

I really enjoy it, but still way out in left field with it. I will keep practicing and learning because I love the softness of this art form..

If I had to put the art forms in order of like to do they would go like this:

1. Oils…they are easy to move around on the canvas, they take longer to dry…much longer..

2. Acrylics: dry fast, but are not really forgiving of mistakes

3. Color pencils: I like to color and always have..

4. Watercolors:…soft when I figure out how to do them that way.

I haven’t yet tried watercolor pencils nor pastels. I will at sometime.

My advice to anyone wanting to try painting…start with acrylics…they to me are the basic form to learn in.

Don’t be afraid to try and no you don’t need to know how to draw a straight line…



2 thoughts on “Another Watercolor: Bunch of Primroses…”

    1. Thank you so much Diane. This watercolor took me all day to do which is what it should do…but it about drove me nuts..I really am my own worse critic.
      More to come and I hope you continue to like what I do..

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