I love the first of the Month!!!!!

The first of each month is my shopping day. Not only food and bills paid, but I get to indulge in Art Supplies (as if I need more stuff).  I have worked for days like this since I was 15 yrs old and now I truly can indulge and not feel guilty about having a ME day and believe me I have a lot of ME days.

I enjoy doing for others and giving what I can, but there comes a time in the life of a retired person to look beyond all the supportive help and give to ones self for a change. This doesn’t mean I have stopped helping those less fortunate, just that I set aside one day to baby me. Give me what I want and if I have more than I need then I share with others.

I learned years ago that you work for your living and you pay you first, even if it is a $1.00 a weeks, to get in the habit of putting aside for that preventible “Rainy Day” and there has been many of those in my life, but I have been ready for them.

So as my children and grand children grew and became responsible for their own lives (not that mom doesn’t help them when they need it) I have been able to allow myself guiltless pleasures whatever they might be….I also shop for extras at the grocery store and drop it off to the food bank and donate to the shelters in our area…that is another pleasure and another story in and of its self.

Now back to my new stuff and how the heck to use some of what I bought…Enjoy your April and I will be sharing something before the evening is out…




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