Canyon Lakes, Arizona

Today I had the pleasure of doing a painting for my Foreign Exchange Student Granddaughter who is from Germany.

She has really grabbed a piece of my heart and become a big part of this family. My 2 oldest daughters have been for the last 6 or so years Exchange families and everyone of the kids they have welcomed into their home are wonderful and still a huge part of the family.

They all came to visit me a couple of months ago and of course did some sightseeing around my area one of which was “Canyon Lakes” which we have named the mini Grand Canyon…in places, that you can only get to by boat resemble the Grand Canyon.

Kira had requested a painting to take back to Germany that would remind her of her time in Arizona…so Canyon Lakes is what I chose..


11 x 14 Stretched Canvas

Acrylic and Acrylic Inks


6 thoughts on “Canyon Lakes, Arizona”

  1. Really good… I am contemplating playing at ‘trying’ acrylic… but with only doing one.. I see how hard it is.. I’m going to watch some tutorials. ‘Just for fun’ I don’t really ever see me being able to do what you do….. Diane

    1. Diane, you learn by doing and doing a lot…you learn by the messes you make then you start over. Don’t be your own worse critic because if you are nothing will be good hehehehhe…experience speaking.
      If you need help finding some beginner YouTubes holler because I have a ton of them. If you have questions holler and I will see if I can answer them…

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