Watercolor Lessons

Watercolor paintings are probably the most fascinating of all the painting I have jumped into and probably the hardest as well.

I came to the conclusion that I need some instruction in this medium and have jumped into some lessons at Wet Canvas (the link is on the side bar).

Here is my first homework assignment: Twigs and branches: stuff that is totally overlooked when painting and this gal makes it the focus of a painting. I am loving it…

This happens to be a “Beech Bud”.

You start with a very detailed drawing…..first reaction is WHAT, me draw…OMG!!!


Then we took the sketch and drew it out to paint…


Interesting because by drawing out the twig I felt more comfortable painting it…

More of this type of lesson to me….



2 thoughts on “Watercolor Lessons”

  1. That turned out really good! I know watercolor is one of the hardest mediums to work in, I only tried it once and gave up! Rick got pretty good at it, and my friend, Kay, was excellent! I admire you for attempting to master this! 🙂

    1. It hasn’t driven me nuts yet so I figured if I stick with it I just might figure it out. I have been lucky to get some people helping me along and trying to guide me through this. I have also purchased some books.
      Watercolors don’t take up as much room either hehehe..

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