Watercolor Flowers

I will make this watercolor painting work. I decided to just put wet watercolor on wet paper and see what would happen…it worked for me finally. Then I started to define some shapes…I am pleased with the soft edges of this one.

Still a long way to go with perfecting this art.


I purchased some better paper, but will not use it until I can put what I want down in a way that makes some real sense.


6 thoughts on “Watercolor Flowers”

    1. I do if I am using some good quality paper. 140 lb paper does not stretch well.
      I have started using 300 lb paper and it works so much better, doesn’t curl up when it gets wet and it holds the water better also.

      1. Cool. That’s just one thing I remember from when Rick was painting… his paper taped to a board with brown tape. 🙂

      2. There are a number of ways to stretch paper without the tape. I wet or soak the paper and put it on a piece of glass. It stays wet longer and doesn’t move…my favorite way to do it..

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