What is it about Watercolor?

I ask this question daily. I have come up with a few other questions along the way. Why do I want to master this type of painting and the answers I have come up with are many. The beauty of the colors mingling create soft images and are easy on the eyes. The biggest problem is rushing the development of the painting…I want to completely control the colors, but am finding water and paint pretty much have a mind of its own. It is certainly nothing like acrylics and oils where you are in control of the paint.

There is, however, a certain amount of control you have with watercolor, but that is the challenge. To find that amount of control and lead it in the right direction and rushing through this process will cause a mess. So last night I practice patients and moved slowly through the process, letting it dry overnight and then added more this morning again letting it dry…

This is the progress thus far.




I will keep working on this and when I finish the color I will try putting some ink for accent.


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