What do you do with a challenge?

A friend like a picture I posted on my Facebook page and post to me “Paint It” I froze…I can’t paint people, well that is not wholly true because I have painted 2 portraits of my kids, but this was different it has arms and fingers…OMG me!!!

Well my friend is an artist also and started to explain that she just sees circles, rectangles, triangles and the like…well when you start thinking of it more geometrically then it is not as scary.  So I did and her statement became “Just Paint it.”

What do I do with a challenge like that? I just dig in and paint it…

I am still looking for the photographer of the reference photo and will be making some changes to actually make it mine.

It is a watercolor


Taking my time with this because I truly love the feeling this gives off…

I named it “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”

More to come on the progress in the next few days…

Well I can’t sleep so I paint.

next step



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