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By the Bay



I thought I would play with the Acrylic Inks again and do another painting like a watercolor.

I love the flow of a watercolor and like how this turned out…

It is on 11 x 15 watercolor paper and I made my own matting for it. It helps to see what it will look liked framed…

I don’t know that I am completely finished with this yet, but for now I will look at what I could add and not over do it.

Black Calla Lily in Progress

I love different flowers and the “Black Calla Lily” is as different as you can get. The main reasons is it is not truly black. It is a deep purplish, blackish and reddish which makes for an interesting color and even more interesting to mix the colors to see what you get.

I am in the process of painting such flower…hope you enjoy the process.


There is still work to be done on this and as I finish I will post the end result.

It is a 16 x 20

Canvas Panel


For Sale when finished